Shannon Gaels V McNean All Stars.
Christmas Day Swim 2015
Spinning Marathon in Blacklion in Aid of "STOP"
Visit to Hebden Bridge -- Hebden Bridge Barge Cruise.
Visit to Hebden Bridge -- Red Rose Cross Country League.
Visit to Hebden Bridge -- Skipton.
Visit to Hebden Bridge -- York.


U16 Girls County Final Drumlane V Lurgan
Lithuania -- Visit to Druskininkai and Gruto Parkas
Lithuania -- Canoe Polo Competition -- Day Two
Lithuania -- Canoe Polo Competition -- Day One
Lithuania -- Tour of Alytus sport facilities & getting pool ready for competition.
Lithuania -- Vilnius
Lithuania -- Trakia
Lithuania -- Alytus
Lithuania -- Kaunus
U16 Girls semifinal Shannon Gaels V Drumlane.


Craft Fair in The Market House, Blacklion


15-09-2015 Work Continues
13-09-2015 Visit to War Bunker
12-09-2015 Visit of Polska Television.
12-09-2015 On way to Club Championships in Poland
09-09-2015 At competition site in Kaniow. Poland.
17-09-2015 Work & Barbecue
16-09-2015 Work continues.
13-09-2015 Visit to World War Two Bunker.
12-09-2015 Visit of Polska Television.
04-09-2015 On way to European Club Championshios in Poland.


26-08-2015 Opening of Canoe Polo European Championships in Essen Germany.
22-08-2015 Smurf Village in Essen.
18-08-2015 Ieper.
16 & 17-08-2015 De Paddle Ieper.
Sunday Part 04
Sunday Part 03
Sunday Part 02
Sunday Part 01
Saturday Part 07
Saturday Part 06
Saturday Part 05
Saturday Part 04
Saturday Part 03
Saturday Part 02
Saturday Part 01.
09-08-2015 Part Two.
6th to 9th-08-2015 Canoe Polo in Berlin.


Clecy, France
Thury Harcourt
Shannon Gaels V Mountnugent
Karlovy Vary day visit
Duisburg -- Sundays games & Prize giving
Duisburg -- Saturday Games
Duisburg -- Friday evening swim


Under 10 Gaelic Football
Undar 12 Gaelic Football
Curravagh N.S. Travel Flag
Girls U16 Shannon Gaels V Knockbride


Chinese Taipei Team tour of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Open -- Sunday
Amsterdam Open -- Saturday Night
Amsterdam open -- Saturdays Games
Essen -- Monday
Essen -- Sunday
Essen -- Saturday
Essen -- Friday
Essen -- Thursday
Den Haag -- SAFETY? Judge yourself, is your equipment like this?
Den Haag -- Sunday
Den Haag -- Saturday
Den Haag -- Friday
Charleroi -- Sunday.
Charleroi -- Saturday.
Charleroi -- Friday


Gottigan, Germany -- 23 to 26 April 2015
Sachenhausen Concentration Camp.
Boat trip, Remains of Wall & Observation tower.
Berlin -- Sunday.
Berlin -- U21 Final
Berlin -- Presentation of prizes.
Berlin -- Mens Final
Berlin -- Saturday.
Berlin -- Friday.
Berlin -- 16 to 21 April 2015
Helmond International -- Rijnland S V Sunvenlo.
Helmond International -- Remainder of Sunday.
Helmond International -- Prize giving.
Helmond International -- Odysseus V Groningen A.
Helmond International -- Odense Monkeys V Meridan E.
Helmond International -- MKC Duisburg V Mosw Choszcznc 1.
Helmond International -- Mens final
Helmond International -- KG List Ladies V WSVN Duisburg L
Helmond International -- KG List Ladies V Mosc Cheszczno Ladies 2.
Helmond International -- Happy Birthday.
Helmond International -- Groningen B V Germany U21 Women.
Helmond International -- Groningen A V Odense Monkeys.
Helmond International -- Denmark SPECIAL ?????
Shannon Gaels V Drung.


Saint Patricks Day Parade
Fables, Poetry, Music & Art Workshop from Cavan Burren Park


Membership and Players registration Day